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Convert a Youtube video url to a Ogg file

Enter a URL from Youtube and click 'Convert!' button. It will convert your link to an Ogg file directly. You can also adjust the quality and the format of the output audio file. Depending of the video length, the audio conversion process may take awhile to complete, so please be patient.
Several options are available:
Bitrate: Adjust the bitrate to a higher level for better sound quality. Set to 'Auto' by default
Channels: If you want a mono output instead of a stereo output, you can set it here
Sample rate: The sampling rate for Ogg output. This is 44100 Hz by default.

Ogg is a free open video format file which is designed to provide efficient streaming and manipulation of high quality digital multimedia. The Ogg file is similar to an MP3 file, but has better sound quality than an MP3 file of same size. It can include song metadata, such as artist information and track data, and is supported by many media players and some portable music players.